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If you enjoy a sweet treat but also want to be healthy, then I've got you covered. From caramel slice to lemon blueberry loaf, a healthier Bounty bar, Panna Cottas and more, my Healthy Desserts E-book will satisfy all your sweet cravings in a healthier, more nutritious way. 

Meet Tara! Functional Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Coach

Tara is a Functional Nutritionist who has training from the Institute for Functional Medicine, specifically in hormones and is an expert at interpreting the DUTCH comprehensive hormone test, the GI Map comprehensive stool test, and the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test. Additionally, Tara has training in MTHFR and nutrigenomics, having studied methylation and clinical nutrigenomics at the Seeking Health Educational Institute, and is also a certified FDN Practitioner. 
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